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What we do and why it matters

With more than 27 years in the event product business, we understand timelines, product delivery and quality products.

What we do matters and creating partnerships in business matters.  Process, process, process and innovation.  We consistently find solutions for clients when they are told in cannot be done.  We offer two day and next day shipping on many of our products.  Our lead times are the best in the industry. We care and that matters too.  If you read this and need a better solution then please give us a call.



When you work with us you get a dedicated team individuals who know how to get things done.  Our unique process ensures on -time delivery, shorter lead times and faster production.

We guarantee both our services and products.  

We are prepared to surpass your expectations.

Our Process

Our process is always improving and sets apart.  Our process helps to ensure we are providing the best possible client experience while adapting to meet individual need.  Our production and sales proof process ensure the accuracy and coordination of each order from graphics to delivery from concept to reality. 

We have had over 25 years to refine our process and look forward to another 25 more.  Our process enables us to provide the best possible products with the shortest lead times and competitive prices.  

If you are tired of over ordering medals or ordering months in advance or don't know your total delivered cost - we can solve this.  Our45/30/14 process on custom die cast medals solves this. 

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Some of our team

These are some of our seasoned professionals ready to assist you.  Give us a call today.


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